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Event Apps

The event app is now integral to the event communications jigsaw.

CrowdComms are experts in making sure your event app includes everything needed to inform and engage attendees, and delight exhibitors and sponsors.

We know and love the events industry and are delighted to offer you the benefit of our experience.

We’ll make sure your app is the best it can possibly be.

Must Have Features

All the essential information in the palm of your hand.

Plus, industry-leading experts who deliver outstanding solutions time and time again.




Your branding will shine bright. Our design team are passionate about making beautiful apps.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own designer we can provide everything they need to customise your app in-house.



Personalised Agenda

Our interactive, personalised agenda will make attendees feel like the event was curated just for them.

Custom Development.png

Custom Development

Does your app need something special? No problem!

In-app coffee ordering and scheduled exhibitor appointments are two examples of how we can custom your app.

Get creative, push the boundaries and talk to us about how we can make your ideas into reality.



Interactive Map & Wayfinding

Attendees will find what they’re looking for in seconds with interactive maps

and wayfinding linked directly to sessions and exhibitor booths.


Attendee networking.png

Attendee Networking

Event guests no longer have to ‘work a room’.

They can now make targeted and meaningful connections using our one-to-one private messaging

and communicate as a group via the activity feed and session discussion boards.



Sponsor & Exhibitor Branding

From pop-ups to push notifications, banner ads to whole pages and even entire app sponsorship;

there are many ways to give your sponsors and exhibitors enhanced in-app visibility and increased ROI.


Document lib.png

Document Library

Don’t make attendees sift through endless pieces of paper, lighten the load

with an in-app digital showbag, abstract library, speaker presentations and handouts.


Realtime updates.png

Real Time Updates

Last minute changes needn’t be a headache. 

Whether it’s a surprise addition or emergency cancellation, our push notifications and pop up messages

mean your attendees will always be kept in the loop.




Want to put your event performance to the test?

Our data solutions and analytics give you the answers you need to know.



 LOCATION:  UK, Ireland, USA, Australia



Minimum fee -  £750