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B Italian |  Catering
B Italian |  Catering
B Italian |  Catering
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B Italian | Catering

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We offer high quality, authentic Italian food and service standard. Our tradition is famous all over the world as one of the most refined and taste-centric approach to dining, with an exceptional attention for aesthetics and food presentation. We strive to create events that please the eye as well as the palate. This is highly documented in our website and our Instagram pages, where you can see some of our best catering presentations.

To ensure each and every event is produced to an exceptional standard, we have involved top Italian chefs to create traditional and contemporary dishes. All our services can be provided directly on site at your event, thereby guaranteeing the taste and freshness of the Italian flavours. Our staff have many years of experience in organizing events, therefore we are able to provide a complete and bespoke service: from organizing your event at your private home to sourcing the location to host your exclusive and prestigious event.


SPECIALISE IN: private parties, business events, weddings

LOCATION: Greater and Central London

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We offer a wide range of solutions to choose from such as canapé parties, buffets, bowl food and formal dinners. All the menus combine the flavours of the freshest and most delicious seasonal ingredients, directly imported from Italy, together with high level of sophistication and creativity.




Savoury options

Artichoke crouton with San Daniele ham and truffle oil;
Polenta bites with asparagus and Gorgonzola cheese; (v)

Goat cheese tartlets with dry tomatoes and chives; (v)
Buffalo mozzarella skewers with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil; (v) Bruschetta with tomato and basil; (v) Vol-au-vent with crab, goat chees and poppy seeds;

Mackerel crouton with aubergine pâtè;
Aubergine meatball with dry tomato on chilly mayonnaise; (v) Stracciatella tartlet bite with rocket salad and dry salted beef;

Octopus basket with black olives and thyme;
Tuna tartar spoon with capers and lime;

Sweet options

Sicilian cannoli with fresh ricotta cheese and chocolate flakes; Small fruit tarts; Mini rum baba



Savoury options

Lemon scented beef meatballs with fresh basil;
Cous Cous bowls with vegetables and chicken julienne; (veg. opt. available) Cuttlefish bites with green peas and fresh basil;

Venere black rice with shrimps, spelt and seasonal vegetables;
Aubergine parmigiana and fresh basil (v)

Chicken salad with bread crouton and fresh vegetables;
Mini beef burger with tomato and blue cheese;

Beans with sesame seeds and pistachio crusted tuna;
Chicken escalope kebab with lime and grilled vegetable;

Sweet options

Italian Tiramisu with mint leaf; Panna cotta and berries sauce; Almond chocolate caprese cake with pistachio ice cream;

Chocolate and pistachio mousse;




Entrée/First course

Swordfish Carpaccio with courgettes, fresh mint and cherry tomato Octopus salad with Mediterranean flavours
Linguine pasta with king prawns, artichokes and fresh tomato Aubergine Parmigiana with fresh basil (V)


Main course

Saffron Risotto with veal ossobuco and truffle flakes
Sea bass fillet with capers from Pantelleria, black olives and cherry tomato Vegetable soufflé with Tomato Coulis and béchamel



Lemon and chocolate caprese with Sicilian pistachio ice cream and mint leave Hazelnut Parfait with Passito sauce and chocolate flakes
Italian traditional cheese selection with honey and figs jam